OBGはDCからACへのコンバータです。DC高電圧400V/800VバッテリーモジュールからAC 115Vまたは230V電力に変換し、外部のAC電力デバイスで使用することができます。


オンボードチャージャモジュール (OBCM)

This module charges the high-voltage battery, the power source of the drive system. It converts the household utility either 110Vac, 220Vac, or 3-phase 380Vac to higher voltage for charging the battery packs and is adopted in BEV and PHEV. Output power ranges from 3.3kW to 22kW with efficiency greater than 93%. CAN communication is supported.

Bi-directional On-Board Charger

In addition to transmitting power from the power grid to the vehicle battery, the bi-directional on-board charger can also transmit power from the battery to the outside of the vehicle, including transmission to the power grid (V2G), home power (V2H), and power to other vehicles (V2V) and the transmission of power such as electrical equipment (V2L).

Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless chargers can charge vehicle batteries without the need for a connection from a charging gun. It generally includes VA (Vehicle Assembly) and GA (Ground Assembly). Electricity is transmitted from the GA the VA, and then charges the battery inside the vehicle.

DC/DC Converter

The DC/DC converter converts the high-voltage power of the battery into low-voltage power for other equipments. When the battery voltage is 48V/400V/800V, the converter output voltage is 12V. When the battery voltage is 400V/800V, the output voltage is 48V.

On-Board Generator

The on-board generator is a DC to AC Inverter. The DC high-voltage 400V/800V battery module converts AC 115V or 230V power through the on-board generator which can be used by external AC power devices.

EVCC (EV communication controller for DC fast charge)

Electric Vehicle Communication Controller ( EVCC) is a device on the rechargeable electric vehicle that communicates with the charging pile.

DC charging electric vehicles need to communicate through EVCC and charging pile. AC charging electric vehicles can realize AutoCharge, plug and charge and other functions through EVCC.