Energy IoT

Delta’s DeltaGrid Energy IoT team provides a highly advanced, flexible, and comprehensive system consisting of DeltaGrid metering, lighting, and energy management solutions. With our field area networking (FAN) modules, data concentrator unit (DCU), head-end system (HES), and gateways, users can realize real-time data collection, transmission, monitoring, and control of data from smart meters, street light controllers, and gateways via advanced NB-IoT, LTE, and RF mesh communication technologies.

The DeltaGrid Energy management system is the software core of Delta’s energy infrastructure solution. It allows users to collect real-time data on electricity demand, renewable energy generation, and more, with the aim of enabling services that help improve the electricity grid’s efficiency and reliability, including time-of-use electricity tariffs and demand response. Users will benefit from a more efficient electricity system, supported by higher transparency, multiple tariff schemes based on specific customer needs, as well as the opportunity to become prosumers by generating their own renewable energy.