Road Lighting

The standards for road lighting are typically established by transportation departments, urban planning agencies, or relevant standards organizations in different countries or regions. These standards include parameters such as illuminance, uniformity, glare, and light pollution, tailored to specific conditions like road width, traffic volume, and usage hours. With its energy efficiency, longevity, and low maintenance, LED lighting has gradually replaced traditional fixtures, especially with the rise of smart cities.

While official requirements vary worldwide, the core principles of effective road lighting remain consistent: optimizing energy efficiency, maintaining appropriate brightness or illuminance for visibility, ensuring uniform distribution for safety and clarity, minimizing glare to prevent misjudgments, and reducing light pollution to minimize impacts on nearby residents and the environment.

Delta's road lighting products encompass streetlights, landscape lights, solar streetlights, tunnel lights, and high-voltage DC power supply systems. Our aim is to provide energy-efficient, well-lit, comfortable, and regulation-compliant road lighting solutions with minimal light pollution.